Bryan Pest Control-The Difference Between Termites And Carpenter Ants

Effective pest control Bryan TX is usually challenging for the average homeowner. This is especially true when it involves determining whether those small swarming insects are either termites or carpenter ants.

The following should help you to tell them apart:

Difference in Wings and Antennae

Carpenter ants

  • Their front wings are slightly larger than the hind pair.
  • They have pointed wings.
  • They have dark wings that are highly visible with a black dot at the tip of the front wings.
  • Their wings do not break off easily.
  • Their antennae is bent, this makes it appear like it has an elbow


  • Their wings are all equal
  • They have paddle-shaped wings which are as long as the body
  • Broken wings from swarming termites usually seen in areas where they have been active as they fall off easily.
  • They have straight antennae.

Body shape

Termites usually have two segments and broad waist. On the other hand carpenter ants have a slender waist and 3 distinct segments.

Effective pest control Bryan TX is required when dealing with carpenter ants as they cause serious damage to structures especially when they are made of timber. They usually make cavities for colony expansion and raising their brood. They do not feed on wood but only use it for shelter. These ants love sweet substances but also prey on other insects. Their galleries are often well maintained and clean. These ants usually dump frass which consists of pupal casings, saw dust and residual insect parts away from the nest. This is one of the key factors when identifying whether which type of insect infestation is present on your property.

For effective pest control of these look out for the following:


These ants usually form tight trails that lead to the nesting area. These trails are easily noticed along carpet edges, fence posts and door frames.

Wood damage

Infested wood usually features slit-like openings; these are chutes used for garbage disposal.


When you tap a potential nest site while placing your ear to the wall you are likely to hear a clicking sound made by the alarmed ants.

Termites consume wood as their staple diet. The damage they cause is different from ants due to their natural habits. The bulk of their colony is made up of the worker caste. These workers are soft-bodied insects which are pale colored highly vulnerable to water loss. This means that they must maintain a substantial amount of humidity to survive. To achieve this they make earthen tubes to move through including within the area they are feeding. Their galleries are filled with mud and infested wood is usually thin and appears ragged. Other signs of termite infestation include reddish brown droppings and discarded wings from swarming insects.
Effective pest control includes:

Carpenter Ants

  • Installing mesh screens over crawl vents and attics.
  • Storing food in airtight containers and ensure they have tight-fitting lids.
  • Applying Delta dust in places where the ants pass or feed
  • Treating outside locations with residual spray to prevent future invasion


Keeping everything dry as these insects cannot survive for long in dry conditions.
Using termite bait or liquid termiticide

It is important to note that effective Bryan pest control not only involves getting rid of the insects but also ensuring that such infestation does not occur again in future.

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