Choosing K-9 Termite Detection Over Conventional Termite Inspections

People want to protect their homes from all kinds of intruders, both large and small. One of the smallest intruders and most dangerous to any home is that little termite. The termite finds its housing insides of the walls, carpeting and even the foundation. They can live for years inside of the home, and they can eat from the bottom to the top. Which means, it is important for every homeowner and potential home buyer to ensure the right type of termite inspection is done. Keeping up with the latest trends in the industry is one of the best ways to make sure the home gets the treatment that’s needed.

Previously, termite inspections would require a professional who knew how to perform a wide range of different manual processes to identify infestations of termites in a home. It was important for these inspections to be accurate, since it would determine if the structure of the home was sound. Many times people would determine if they wanted to buy the home by these inspections. For instance, if the buyer wanted to have the house inspected for a wide variety of different things before they made a decision to buy, the termite inspector was one of the first inspectors on the list. If the homeowner did not want any unexpected problems to occur at a later date, they would seek for someone who was reputable and those who knew how to make sure the job was done thoroughly.

Today, the same types of inspections are required. However, homeowners have a choice between contacting companies that have the latest termite methods available to them and those who are still using traditional procedures. Therefore, it is important for homeowners to search for the companies that have the best tools because it can save thousands of dollars in damage repairs.

One of the top methods used today is the K-9 termite detection inspection. It is a method that few professionals are using instead of the more conventional termite inspection methods. One reason why professional termite inspectors are using this solution is it has a termite detection accuracy rate of 99%. In fact, this termite detection method normally finds the areas in the home that the conventional termite methods miss. This is because the K-9 dogs can find the termites in the deepest places including the floors, walls, and the concrete blocks. This method has been proven over time to be more than 200% – 300% more effective.

Once the dogs have found the areas in the home that need special treatment, the professional Bryan pest control termite inspector can develop a plan to eradicate them totally so that they will not come back and eat the structure. Which means, the homeowner can save thousands of dollars in structural repairs. Many of these termite companies provide both home and business services, and they use different types of prevention methods in key areas of the home or business. Most professionals recommend an annual termite inspection to ensure the structure of the home is always protected from unnecessary damages.

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