The New Nose on the Front Lines of Pest Control in College Station, TX

Citizens of College Station, Texas who spend time snuffing out termites in their homes would agree that extermination efforts are not only time-consuming, but also don’t guarantee 100% results. Worse, since termite colonies aren’t always readily visible, finding out that they are already munching away at the structural integrity of your home might come too late.

Thankfully, College Station pest control professionals like EcoZapp Pest and Termite have a solution to this: termite-detecting dogs. A dog’s sense of smell can be as much as 60 times that of the average human being (an article by notes that canine noses are about 95 percent accurate), and so what appears to be an invisible termite infestation to us is in fact quite detectable to trained canine senses.

lookout termites

Dogs have always been used for their uncanny sense of smell; they’ve been deployed on battlefields as bomb sniffers or in civilian locations as narcotics detectors. Detecting termites isn’t so much a new way for man’s best friend to help human endeavors as it is a different application of their skill.

These hounds need to be properly trained to gain a role in professional pest control. Dogs in this profession need to be outgoing and friendly, as well as naturally adaptable to work. While typical German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers are excellent for this job description, they are often too big to properly search through a house; hence, beagles, Jack Russells, Cocker Spaniels and other small or medium working dogs are often used.

Should you think of hiring pest control in College Station, TX, ask about the type of training that the dog and the handler have gone through, just to make sure that they are adept enough to detect exactly where the termites are hiding. Moreover, you wouldn’t want your home searched by a dog that turns into a wrecking ball indoors, would you?

With pest control services this efficient, you no longer need to worry about having termite control look through every crevice and hole in your home’s structure for nothing. Trust that the professionally trained sniffer agent will accurately determine whether or not you need termite treatment at all.

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