Tips for Pest Control in College Station, TX: Getting Rid of Scorpions

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Your ever-so-curious child might get delighted at the notion that your house in College Station probably harbors something as cool as a scorpion, but as the adult, you know just how dangerous such stinging creatures can be. While in general, the scorpions lurking about in your attic or anywhere in your house are more afraid of you than you are of it, it isn’t exactly a good thing, since they mostly sting out of wanting to defend themselves.
Fortunately, you can depend on reputable College Station pest control services like those provided by EcoZapp Pest and Termite if you think that you have a scorpion infestation. Nevertheless, what you might not be aware of is that there are some natural ways through which you can keep scorpions away from your house and even prevent them from posing any danger.
First, to dispose of any scorpion that’s already there. An article from Wikihow advises:
Scorpions tend to be found around water sources, so a great place to look with care is around your sink, shower recess, or bathtub in the bathroom, and around similar wet areas in the laundry and kitchen. If you find a scorpion, it’s just a matter of covering them with a wide enough plastic container, sliding a piece of cardboard under the container to cover it, and then transporting the ‘guest’ outside.
Now, to make your house more or less infestation free, look for any possible entry points that they might utilize, such as holes and cracks in between your walls, behind your siding, etc. Begin your inspection from the basement and work your way up, repairing and sealing up any holes you can find.
Another effective (and quite fun) way you can deter a scorpion infestation is by getting a pet, preferably a cat. Most cats are naturally curious and predatory, and may chase after or even kill some scorpions lurking around your home. If you’re worried about your pet’s safety, you ought to know that most scorpions in the USA are not highly dangerous.

Pest control for College Station, TX homes is just a matter of knowing what you should do and whom you should call. If the scorpions have multiplied or if you fear their sting too much to do your own search, catch, and release operation, it’s best to call your trusted pest control guy for help.

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