Winter Bug: On Proper and Efficient Pest Control in College Station

The Edgefield Advertiser published a report on its website on October 17, 2013 that discusses the growing threat of pest infestation as winter draws closer. Colder temperatures prompt bugs to seek shelter within warm human homes, causing all sorts of problems for homeowners. The article enumerates several tips that people can follow to prevent pests from pouring into their homes, especially in warm areas like College Station, TX:

The best offense for all the seasonal invaders is a good defense that focuses on exclusion, according to [entomologist Patricia Zungoli]. Preparations should be done now before less daylight and colder weather prompts insects to move indoors.


Sealing access off is the way to start, Zungoli advises.

Here’s a to-do list:

  • Use weather stripping or other sealers to reduce small openings around doors, windows and garages.
  • Make sure window screening is intact and that screens fit tightly into window frames.
  • Check screens on openings leading into the structure from eaves, soffits and attics.
  • Pay attention to plumbing inserts and areas where telephone, cable and electrical lines come into the building.
  • Check chimneys for a tight damper fit in the closed position when not in use.

Insecticides can be useful. Read labels and follow directions.

While these techniques certainly work for the likes of cockroaches, ants, and flies, termites are a lot harder to deal with due to their burrowing habits. These insects can stay out of sight long enough to cause hidden and extensive damage to wooden objects. When folks suspect termite infestations in their residences, they should call a service for pest control in College Station to deal with the threat before it gets much worse.

Eliminating termites can be tricky, since the bugs can make their way throughout a house, hiding and feasting within the wood. Dumping regular pesticide might not even stop the attacks, for, as long as the queen of a colony lives, the pests won’t stop multiplying. Some expert help will be needed to put things under control.

A service for pest control from College Station, TX, such as EcoZapp, can help homeowners root out even the most severe infestations. Professional exterminators have the necessary tools and chemicals to thoroughly deal with the pests, and even flush out their queen. To make sure the bugs never return, certain exterminators will even offer termite protection services that will safeguard a home from future attacks.

(From Creepy-Crawlies Look for Warm Winter Homes, Edgefield Advertiser, October 17, 2013)

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