It is that time again for mice in College Station

Mice intrude over 20 Million homes in the US and are constantly giving homeowners headaches and sleepless nights. These little guys usually start to move in around October in search for water, shelter and food. Once they find it they tend to stay and have a party on your dime eating nearly 20 times a day and pooping enough to show for it. They build their shelters close to food and water to constantly keep them satisfied. Even though they like to eat they can still be great jumpers and climbers which can allow them to hop on to a kitchen counter or a shelf in a store. And since they only need a tiny opening to squeeze through it is no wonder why homeowners often do not win this battle.

Although they may be innocent and afraid looking critters be forewarned that these guys can carry hundreds of pathogens to make a human sick. Especially to young kids and the elderly mice can be dangerous. They poop a lot and urinate constantly when running around which can make for a very unclean and smelly house over time. Mice only need to be 2 months old to start reproducing more little germ infested offspring’s. As long as there is plenty of food and water readily near by a female mouse can have as many has 150 babies each year! This means your attic left unprotected and open to the outside can house many generations of mice in a short period of time. These mice also love to chew on pretty much anything from Christmas decorations to the wiring in your walls.

It’s always a wise investment to hire and befriend a local pest control company to help prevent any problems from happening. However even a door left open briefly is all it may take to get an infestation started. Storing food especially dog food away from open windows is doors are always smart. Keepings stacked firewood away from the house as much as possible helps just as much has keeping grass and shrubs trimmed. Tall grass and shrubs provide plenty of shelter to keep mice hidden. Sealing you entire house is vital. This is which hiring a professional comes in handy, since experience helps a pest control tech be able to think like a mouse and find out where their coming from. Performing a rodent exclusion can be as simple as filling small gaps and openings to replacing bricks and of siding.

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