Black widows in College Station can equal a trip to the ER

A single bite from a black widow can be over 15 times more venomous than a rattle snake.   Known for a being solid black with a red hour glass on their back these spiders are bad news.  If you come across these guys in your house do not rely solely on store brought products instead call a professional pest control expert.  As one bite produces very difficult breathing and muscle aches.   Small children and the elderly can be in severe danger if bitten.  Being that their bites can be deadly it is a good thing these are non aggressive spiders and really only bite in self defense when they feel they are in danger.  Or if someone lays on top of them or happens to stick a foot inside of a boot with one hiding inside.  The main victims of black widow spiders are many different species of insects and of course male black widows.  The females kill and eat their male partner which is where they receive their name.  Of course most black widows fall prey to your local pest control company with a hard boot. 

Black widows like to make their habit pretty much anyplace where they can hide that tends to have lots of other bug traffic.  Which is a great reason to maintain regular service to stop a bug buffet from forming in your garage and attracting these bad boys.  Eliminating clutter is also an import step to help reduce the odds of housing black widows.  Regularly sweeping windows, eves and corners can break up any web, and if you eliminate the web the buffet closes down.  Christmas light decorations also tend to harbor spiders.  So when removing Christmas lights stored in the attic remember to be a little careful. 

Applying chemicals to help control spiders can often render ineffective.  Chemicals must come into contact with a spider to be effective and this leaves use of chemicals as a mostly short term fix.  Housekeeping is important to keep everything clean.  Sticky traps are also one line of defense as they will catch anything that happens to walk in the corner and at least let you know you have spiders in the house.  Be cautious of where sticky traps are placed so nosy children or pets can get caught in them.  They are usually non toxic but tend to pull some hair off when removing from the skin. 

Just remember we live in Texas, and especially in a lot of areas of Bryan or College Station there tends to be critters hiding everywhere.  Always remember to turn your boots upside down and be cautious of Christmas lights stored away in the garage.  And if you encounter any to call your local Aggie pest company and take care of the problem ASAP.  

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