Gophers- Chaos in College Station

Gophers are a small burrowing member of the rodent family popularly known for their extensive tunneling system and causing chaos on the movie Chaddyshack.  These little fellows are rarely seen in action but leave easily identifiable mounds of dirt on a homeowner’s property. Gophers may particular like your yard in college station due to the easy to dig ground caused by landscaping and vegetation.   They tend to eat almost anything found in the ground except dirt and rocks.  This includes tree roots, insects, flower beds, gardens, phone or power lines and sometimes other gophers.

If you ask 10 different people you may get ten different methods of removing gophers from your yard.  EcoZapp stays away from any types of gas or poisoning methods of Gopher removal. 

Gophers like other rodents can carry rabies and other parasites like fleas, lice, and ticks which a dog can pick up by encountering with a gopher.  Stepping into a tunnel, void or on a mound can lead to a sprained ankle and can be much worse for a horse.  Gophers tend not to attack people since they prefer plants and roots over people but like any other rodent can become aggressive if cornered. 

Gophers can move and increase in numbers quickly while destroying your expensive landscaping in the meantime.  A single gopher can cause 20-30 mounds of dirt in a yard in a one month’s time while looking for tasty plants to eat.  The best time to get rid of gophers is as soon as you see the first mound. 

Gophers have relatively small ears with small eyes since they mostly live underground.  They are very dependent on their sense of touch and their whiskers actually help them travel the dark tunnels they build. 

The pocket gophers live in the western hemisphere and prefer soft ground.  Which is why college station is a nice place for them to dig up yards and since they are not protected under federal or state law homeowners can take revenge. 

Digging a trench to put a fence in place can be one way to protect a small area but may prove ineffective in the long run.  Repellents that involve sonic devises also show no scientific evidence to repel pocket gophers.  Some types of plants can be opinions to gophers and prevent them from hanging around, however these plants also can be poisonous to pets and children and should probably be avoided.  Along with actually chemicals and poisons which if left un eaten or unused can poise another threat to the safety of a back yard.  Trapping is one effective way to control these pests.  Trapping does take time and knowledge of how to do it just right.  Trapping can also be done year around and when doing so one should always anchor the trap so a fox or wild animal doesn’t run off with your trap. 



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