College Station Fleas

There are a couple thousand species of fleas across the world that give humans and animals alike constant irritation.  There is very few mammals’ resistance to contacting fleas.  A heavy flea infestation can make a home uninhabitable and spread quickly to the neighbors as these blood thirsty insects constantly look for warm blood to feed on.  With long legs covering a good distance for a tiny bug is no problem for these guys.  When they hungry enough they have also been known to jump as high as a person’s neck.  They have a tough flat body which make it easy to move through hair or fur and able to withstand mashing or scratching. 

Fleas lay tiny white eggs in batches of 20-35 usually on the warm-blooded host they are fed from.  The eggs are not attached well and can roll off the host very easily which can cause the area around the host to become infested.  Depending on how good the conditions are, eggs can take a couple days to weeks to hatch.  Eggs will hatch when conditions are just right and a vibration of a vacuum can make this happen faster. 

Fleas have two main goals in mind and those are to reproduce more fleas and to feed.  If conditions are perfect one can live several years.  A single one can lay several thousand eggs in their lifetime.  All of this depends on the food nearby, temperature, humidity and weather there is a good pest control company close by.  Once a host is gone a flea can live a few months without eating however, a flea who just reached adulthood can only go about one week without first feeding.

Treatment for fleas often varies and good practice of stopping to problem long before it starts is always recommended.  Bathing your pet in a flea shampoo will kill the infestation on them, however as soon as your dog runs out of the bath you can expect more fleas to jump on him right away.  The entire house should be vacuumed before calling a pest control business to come over and perform a treatment.  Even though there are several do it your self-solutions which can control fleas they are often insufficient to take care of the entire problem.  Fleas can be almost everywhere and on anything.  Including your entire back yard and under your house if you have a crawl space.  Also if there are lots of rodent activity and or wildlife running through your back yard constantly ongoing pest control may be the only means of keeping this problem at bay unless you are able to dip a deer or neighbor’s cat into a flea bath.   When using pest control an insect growth regulator is almost always recommended due to the fact that fleas lay so many eggs. 

When battling fleas it is always best to consult with a vet to get medicine for your pets and perhaps shampoo.  The next person to call should be a pest control company in College Station to accurately identify the problem or problem areas and perform or recommend a treatment plan.  

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