Brown Recluse Spider—A Great Reason for Regular Pest Control

Of the many spiders and other pests that live in and around our homes in Bryan , College Station there are two to be concerned about, the Black Widow and Brown Recluse.  In Texas Black Widows are more easily identified as a pest to stay away from.  However, the Brown Recluse is not as identifiable and can often be mistaken as a common house spider.  If bitten or thought to be bitten by any spider one should always seek medical attention, but especially if one of these guys gets one on you.  One should always strive to keep their house and yard in good condition as a form of pest control, however regular service could one day help prevent you or perhaps your kids from having the chance to be bit. 

Like the black widow, the brown recluse spiders like to hide and are not an aggressive spider.  They do vary in size; however the adults are usually about the size of a quarter.  They are mostly dark brown and sometime tan with legs of the same color and without strips.  One of the most telling signs of a brown recluse is its dark violin shaped mark on the top.  All adults should have this mark; they usually do not get it until they reach adulthood. 

These pests do not build a web like many other siders and are hunters of both alive and dead prey, usually at night.  So if a similar looking spider is hanging around in a web it may be one good sign of not being poisonous.  Due to the ability to hunt without a web they tend to hang out under and around logs, woodpiles, old shoes in the garage, and also have been found in Christmas lights in College Station.   During the day they retreat to a nice dark place with irregular webbing where they also hang their egg sacs.  However, when seeing them out in the daylight usually means they are either stirred up due to a pesticide, hunger, or change in their environment.  This is one reason a homeowner should be cautious when using store brought pesticides as they can stirrup these spiders and not kill but rather causing them to roam into a pair of shoes. 

Like most spiders found in College Station these spiders are not aggressive and have been known to have severe infestations in homes with the homeowners never having being bit.  When bit the victim may not even notice until hours after the fact.  And the bites may take several weeks to fully heal, if they heal without medical assistance.   A single bit can cause severe blisters and can destroy tissues around the mark.  Children and the elderly like most illnesses are much more negatively reactive to bites.  If ever bitten one should apply ice immediately and seek a doctor no matter your health condition. 

Treatment should consist of several different methods as the hiding abilities may it difficult for a proper treatment for a non-professional.  Glue boards are one method of catching and monitoring spiders roaming around but since female brown recluses move around even less it can be difficult.  A combo of pesticides, aerosols, and dusts should be used in all crack, crevices and conducive areas.  When selecting a pest control company do not compare based on price alone as the cheaper route may not be the best as these treatments can be time consuming and intensive.

It’s always best to never have to deal with any spider, which is why regular pest control is a necessity in Bryan Texas.  Just always keep a tidy house and a trimmed yard and be cautious when opening a box of stored Christmas lights in the garage.  

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