Scorpions – A few ways to help keep them out of your home

Scorpions are often a nuisance in College Station particularly around newly developed and/or wooded areas.  Scorpions are the most feared pest in the world, mainly due to their ability to deliver a very powerful sting along with their aggressive looking build.  Seeing a mean scorpion when opening up stored Christmas lights may take you out of the holiday spirit. 

Once a new house is built they can already be inside your home and can be difficult to flush out.  They typically like to squeeze through your weep holes between bricks and work their way into your attic.  This is why they have been known to fall from the ceiling onto dinner tables.  Living in Texas you should always be careful when putting on shoes, especially boots left by a door.  Scorpions are very good and playing hide and seek.  However, if you have a black light handy scorpions will glow in the dark when a black light is shined on them.  Their live span in the right conditions can be well over 10 years.  Scorpions are born alive and ride on their mothers back for a few weeks until they are mature enough to survive on their own. 

 A few tips to help keep scorpions out of your home:

  1.   Seal all entry pointsWeep holes, small openings around windows, and all internal plumbing openings such as under sinks and around toilets. 
  2.  Keep shrubs, trees and grass trimmed– All are good hiding places for scorpions.
  3. Maintain other pestsScorpions like to snack on other pests such as crickets, wood roaches, and ants.   Take away their food and make them feel unwelcome.
  4. Keep wood piles and other debris away from your houseGood hiding places like firewood tend to stay in the same place for long periods of time often close to your house, giving the scorpions a nice home.
  5. Keep air conditioners in good shape– Leaky air conditions create moisture and moisture attracts thirsty scorpions as well as other pests.

 Feel free to give EcoZapp a call anytime and we’ll be happy to come give you a free evaluation and/or a pest control treatment plan for your home.  Or if interested in Having us professionally install Christmas decorations for a cheerful holiday season next year. 


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