Safely Installing Christmas Lights

While you may not want to hang one million lights or more, you still need guidelines for Christmas lights installation. Whether you are living in College Station TX or another part of our wonderful state, here are a few tips to remember. 

  1. If you are selecting exterior lights, be sure you find the UL or ETL labels which indicate the lights have been tested for outdoor use.

  2. Be sure the package states that the lights are for outdoor use.

  3. If you are purchasing a timer for energy conservation, be sure you get the right size timer.

  4. Extension cords should be three-pronged and are indicated for outdoor use.

  5. Never use an indoor cord without a third prong for your outdoor Christmas lights installation.

  6. Plugs should be into a grounded outlet and it is important to select the shortest possible length for the extension cords.

  7. The box should indicate how many strings can be safely joined together. Do not exceed that limit.

  8. Before installing, plug the string in to check each bulb. If they are not working, change the bulb, repair or replace the entire string if necessary.

 If lights burn out before the end of the season, be sure to unplug them before replacing the bulb. 

Ladders are probably the most dangerous piece of equipment you use during your Christmas lights installation. Be sure that the ladder is firmly placed on the ground. It should not wobble or be set on unstable ground. 

Careful installation will lead to a much happier holiday season. If you need help installing your Christmas lights in College Station give us a call for a free quote.

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