Scorpions in College Station TX

There are household pests and then there are household PESTS! Scorpions would fall into this latter category and can cause much more frustration than your typical ant or even roach infestation. Unlike most other household pests, scorpions will leave a serious sting behind if you encounter them unexpectedly and they are quite common in many areas of Texas.


Scorpions are part of the arachnid family and as you probably know this means, they are closely related to spiders, ticks and several mites. They are considered nocturnal, which means they will find nice cool nooks and crannies around your house to hide in until late evening when they will come out and join in your family activities. In all Texas has 18 different species, but only the striped bark scorpion occurs in all regions.

A scorpion sting is extremely painful and in some cases can be deadly. Generally speaking, only people who have an extreme allergies have anything to worry about when it comes to the sting of the striped bark scorpion.

Good Riddance

There are a few things you can do to limit their access to your home. As with any outdoor pest looking for a warm (or cool) refuge from the outside, you want to look for access points. Start by plugging any holes in your siding, brick or wooden structure with copper mesh, steel wool or small squares of screen wire. Caulking around eaves and pipes is also recommended along with good weather stripping.

Final Thoughts

If your best efforts to stem the tide of scorpions entering your home are coming up short, it may be time to hire a College Station TX pest control expert. It is possible these arachnids have set up a nest underneath or very near your home, which means only professional eradication will have any permanent results.

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