Expert Pest Control in College Station Has a Solution to Termite Swarm

A great deal of homes in the United States are made chiefly of wood. These are not the log cabins or tree houses found in forests but the typical homes in cities and modern neighborhoods. You may even notice that your home in College Station, Texas may be made of drywall and wood boards that stir the appetite of pesky termites that usually reproduce and emerge during springtime.

experts warn of termite swarming season

A recent news article discusses a new termite swarm that has hit Eastern Texas. For the critters, this seasonal event means new life, but for homeowners, this could mean unimaginable damage to property. In fact, many have already lost their homes because of termite swarm. Professional inspection and pest control in College Station play a major role in controlling termite infestation in one’s home.

“Mechele Mills with the Better Business Bureau gave KETK a few tips on spotting the termites.

“Look for the little mud tunnels they make to get to their food source,” Mills said. “Look for any rotted wood around your home. If you tap on it and it sounds hollow it might be a sign that you have termites.”

If you are worried about paying someone to come inspect your house, professionals say the treatment is cheaper than the repairs.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” Mills said.”

Termites are also feared for their strong bite. In fact when they run out of food, they will attack. Like other insects, termites may carry diseases, and so you should avoid getting bitten at all cost. If you find mud tunnels in your house, it’s a sign that you must have your home professionally inspected and the critters completely exterminated. With reliable College Station pest control services from a company like Eco-Zapp, you can rest assured that your home will remain in one piece regardless of any termite swarm.

Termites reproduce fast and are difficult to kill. Never attempt to disturb their colonies as soldier termites will bite if handled. Instead, you can enlist the services of an experienced exterminator like Eco-Zapp that uses safe methods to wipe out termite colonies and thereby protect your home from lasting damage.

(Source: Experts warn of termite swarming season,

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