They’re Not Just in Caddyshack! How to Get Rid of Gophers for Good

Channel Bill Murray when dealing with these pests – gophers are no joke!

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Gophers are not the most common pests, but when they do rear their heads it’s time to take action. Their natural burrowing instincts can cause significant damage to soil, roots, and surface growth.

The Hidden Kingdom

Gopher tunnels are extensive and sometimes contain over 500 passageways! It can be easy to underestimate their presence until you have a professional assessment. By the time you notice gophers, they may be very well settled into your property – and reluctant to leave. Their tunnels sit about 6-10 inches under the surface of the ground, and the only giveaway are the familiar mounds of dirt where they poke their heads up. But don’t worry. Like all invaders, they can be caught!

Gopher trapping and relocation is the most effective way to get rid of this particular pest problem. Non-toxic and cruelty free methods like this are becoming increasingly popular and affordable.

All kidding aside, these critters can wreak serious havoc around residential or commercial properties. If you see damage to your property or suspect that gophers might be moving in on your turf, don’t put off making a call to the professionals at 979-224-4277

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