The Real Dangers of Scorpions

Take the sting out of a scorpion invasion and call the professionals for a solution.

sting of black scorpion species palamnaeus fulvipes

Don’t Be Kept In The Dark

Scorpions, like most creepy crawlies, love to nestle down between the dark cool places inside walls and ceilings. Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep this problem from escalating, and this mostly entails making sure your doorways and windows are sealed. But if you find your home is experiencing problems with scorpions, you need to take the offense.

Float Like A Butterfly Sting Like A… Scorpion?

Scorpions can cause injury and discomfort with the venom in their stinger. This is one of the biggest threats they pose as pests. No one wants to feel like they might be in danger within their own home. While the sting isn’t life threatening, it can be painful. They are comparable to bee stings.

Systematically checking your property for likely hiding spots – wood piles, thickets of plants, anyplace that provides reprieve from the hot sun – and clearing out these areas is a good way to keep a considerable scorpion colony from developing.

Watch Your Step!

Scorpions are naturally reclusive as pests. It may be difficult to determine whether you have a scorpion problem. They generally don’t sting humans on purpose. It’s common that they choose to hide inside shoes or gloves, and end up being crushed against the skin. Either way, pest professionals can give you the best advice about how to eliminate this problem.

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