3 Facts About Mosquitoes That Will Keep You Up at Night

Mosquitos are the blood-sucking nightmare of every campsite – don’t let them invade your home too.

Man watching horror movie

Mosquitoes might be the most widely reviled insects on the planet. Think about this for a minute – not only are they annoying, they also make us itch like crazy and can carry potentially deadly diseases. Plus, they do that thing where they get really close to your ear when you’re trying to fall asleep, and you can hear them buzzing but you can’t see them… you know what that’s like.

In case you didn’t have enough cause to hate these pests, here are three of the most compelling reasons to join the anti-mosquito party. 

1. Mosquitos are attracted to human breath. That means they are drawn to their unsuspecting victims like a magnet! And basically the only way to avoid mosquitos is to stop breathing. They creep up without warning and feast on human blood. These vampire tendencies cause an allergic reaction in people and produce angry itchy welts on the surface of the skin.

2. There are 35,000 species of mosquitos in the world. Only a couple hundred of these actually drink human blood, but still. It’s a numbers game, and there are infinitely more mosquitos in the world than there are people.

3. Mosquitos lay their eggs in still or stagnant water. If you have any places around your house like this, it could be the reason you have a booming mosquito population.

If you feel overrun by mosquitos, call the professionals today and get some relief at 979-224-4277.

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