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A rare pest almost successfully crossed the U.S. Borders along Texas from neighboring country, Mexico. The pest, identified as the Amnestus brunneus (Signoret), is known to be a kind of burrowing bug, usually found underground, feeding on roots. Because of the potential damage they can do underground, they are classified as crop pests.

cbp intercepts rare insect pest at texas border

Fortunately, Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists stationed at the Pharr-Reynossa International Bridge were able to intercept the entry of these rare pests, stashed comfortably within a shipment of celery. reports:

During an examination of the commodity and the trailer floor, officials said a CBP agriculture specialist discovered live insects on the celery. The pests were submitted for identification by a U.S. Department of Agriculture entomologist.

CBP officials said the initial identification was later confirmed by a national specialist that one insect was Amnestus brunneus (Signoret), a first in the nation pest not known to exist in the U.S. And the other was Diabrotica undecimpunctata, also a quarantine significant pest.

Indeed, it is highly fortunate that the agriculture specialists stationed at the border were able to immediately catch the pests. Otherwise, there is going to be a very huge possibility that all of Texas would soon be needing the help of exterminators in dealing with them.

As it is, the state already has a lot on its plate, what with a healthy variety of creepy crawlers regularly causing distress not only to plants and crops, but also to properties and its owners. The subtropical climate in the region makes it a very homey environment for bugs and termites, thereby necessitating reliable pest exterminators.

This is also the reason why College Station animal control professionals are very much in demand, especially during the warm and hot months of spring and summer when these pests are most active. Then again, despite the potentially extreme climate in Texas, it does not mean that bug and pest infestations are only seasonal. In fact, there have been recent studies reporting that many varieties of insect pests actually have the resilience to survive the onslaught of the harsh winter climate.

All in all, therefore, folks who are about to move into Texas might as well prepare themselves in dealing with these pests on a regular basis. Fortunately, though, there is no shortage of professionals in the state, so they should have no problem getting a hold of one, such as Eco-Zapp. Whether they may be looking for a credible company doing services for pest control in Bryan, the rest of College Station or even beyond Brazos County, trust that these pros will be able to get those critters out of your yard, no matter how rare its specie may be.

(Source: CBP Intercepts Rare Insect Pest at Texas Border,, March 15, 2014)

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