College Station Pest Control Pros Protect Homes this Termite Season

Spring is here! Just like any other seasons, however, it’s not all fun and games as even the sunniest time of the year could still have some trouble lurking behind its shadows. See, it’s not only the plants and flowers that bloom in excitement over the arrival of spring, or the cute animals that come back out to play under the sunshine. Apart from them, the termites are also just as ecstatic to be back in action after a long hiatus during winter.

termites basics species

Yes, it’s termite season once again, and unlike other spring events that tickle the fancy of many, this one brings a lot of stress and problems instead. Texas home and business owners would do well to make sure that they are safe and secure from these pests’ relentless onslaught.

To better know how to defend yourself, know what kind of termite is endemic to the region. According to, Formosan termites have been commonly reported in Texas. This is:

…[T]he most destructive species of subterranean termite in the United States. Formosan termites may be distinguished from other subterranean termite species by their slightly larger size and yellowish brown bodies…. [they] have the ability to form cartons (nests inside the colony made of chewed wood, soil and undigested cellulose) to retain water for the colony until they can find a more permanent water source.

Locals should be on the lookout for signs of termite infestations such as chewed up or rotten wood. Seeing as how destructive these termites can be, to leave the problem unattended is a definite way to exacerbate the situation, until it becomes near-impossible to solve. Before you know it, your home has become unsafe and uninhabitable because the termites have eaten right through it. Because it is not only the property, but also the safety of the inhabitants, at stake, it is advised that anyone finding a hint of termite infestation in the house should immediately seek professional help.

It shouldn’t be too hard, anyway, considering how many professionals are out there servicing for pest control in College Station, TX, and everywhere else in the state. Experienced companies, especially, know the proper methods for extermination, according to the severity of the problem. Some of them, like Eco-Zapp, even make use of K-9 termite detection to ensure no corners will be left out of their inspection.

Aside from that, modern technology has made developments possible in the pest control industry, such that the materials they use are now guaranteed to be a lot safer, both to the household and the environment.

With reliable College Station pest control professionals on hand, there is no reason to fret, even with termite season arriving in full blast.

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