7 Facts About Mosquitoes That Will Keep You Up at Night

7 Facts About Mosquitoes That Will Keep You Up at Night
Do you ever wonder how mosquitoes find you in the dark or how they pick their human targets? 
If mosquitoes seem to prefer you over other ‘meals’ or other people, there could be reasons for this; it can be any of these following reasons:
1. Mosquitoes can perceive CO2 from a distance of 75 feet away. Anyone who is breathing extra harder, have higher metabolic rates or releasing extra CO2 such as pregnant women is a magnet to these nocturnes. 
2. They love beer. When you drink beer, your skin chemistry changes; it gets a little warmer and you breathe a little harder, and those entice the mosquitoes.
3. There are species that are ankle and leg biters. They like smelly feet and there are studies to show that mosquitoes are more attracted to stinking feet than Limburger cheese.
4. Mosquitoes find you for the chemicals you release. These include lactic acid (released while exercising), estradiol (a by-product of estrogen), and acetone (exhaled along with breathing). They may seem to like your sweat but it’s really the CO2 and some other metabolites that they gravitate to after your jog.
5. They like sweet scents. They will hunt you down in the dark using their antennae and guided by your sweet scent. If you want to side-track them, use repellents with DEET and picridin, the compound IR3535, or lemon eucalyptus.
6. These nocturnes love to hang out in unkempt gardens and homes. There will likely be more of them if your landscaping has tons of overgrown vegetation and puddles of stagnant water. 
7. CO2-radiating traps attract them. These devices attract mosquitoes more than they trap them. Get rid of it if you have one in your home.
These pesky summertime pests are vectors of many diseases everywhere including mosquitoes in college station. No matter how much you hated them, you just have to contend that they have been here for 170 million years and will not just go away in a few nights. Since you can’t totally eradicate them, the next best thing is to outsmart them: call on professional pest control companies who understand their behavior. A pest control company that can also install Christmas lights sounds even better.
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