The Real Dangers of Scorpions in College Station

One of those fascinating creatures that has earned a bad reputation and is generally feared by humans is the scorpion. That is not really surprising considering these ancient animals, which first emerged about 440 million years ago, kill 10 times more people than the dreaded snakes. This is estimated to be about 3000 deaths worldwide. 
Do know  the facts and real dangers concerning scorpions?
• All scorpions sting with their tails and are venomous. The sting is generally painful and can cause swelling. Toxicity, however, varies from species to species; some of them can be dangerous and can cause death.
• Nasty Bark Scorpion in Arizona and Mexico. This is the most dangerous scorpion found in the American South West as well as Mexico. This horrid little fellow can kill kids and make a regular adult human ill. About 25% of children stung by this nasty scorpion, in fact, die.
• Beauty that kills: “Deathstalker.” This beauty is believed to be the deadliest scorpion that has neurotoxin venom.  Interestingly, deathstalker aka Israeli desert scorpion can be bought commercially from dealers and can be kept by anyone. Reports have it that this has already killed several enthusiasts who were careless.
• Know danger by sight. Deadly scorpions usually have fragile claws while the harmless types typically have powerful-looking crab-like pincers.  These claws are so structured because deadly types don’t need their pincers to slow or kill their prey. Meanwhile, harmless scorpions need strong claws as this is their main weapon for defense and predation.
The thought of being stung by a scorpion, deadly or not, is scary. So when there are real dangers of scorpions in college station or in your homes, call a professional pest control company. A company that also installs Christmas lights during the holiday season gives you security and peace of mind in both aspects.
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