5 Strategies to Keep Scorpions Outside

Finding scorpions is a common thing when you live in places such as College Station TX and its nearby areas. They have a tendency to gravitate towards human dwellings, which seems to be the best thing that ever happened to them. You have every reason to keep scorpions off your home and to get rid of these arachnids given the chance because most are venomous.
You find them in your home because they are attracted to bugs and bugs love street lights and security lights.  Scorpions also love spots where there is water and where they can live unbothered. So, they thrive in your wood piles, rock gardens, laundry areas and well-watered lawns. Knowing their habits and what they like is a good thing if you want to keep them out of your home. Here are five ways to keep them off your dwelling place:
1. Keep your lawn manicured. Cleaning the yard will disturb them in their hiding places. It is best to regularly cut the grass, prune overhanging branches especially those close to the house, and remove all trash, stones, logs, bricks, boards, and other objects that they cause use to hide unnoticed. 
2. Keep firewood in an outdoor storage. Bring in a few pieces at a time. Be very careful when you are picking firewood from an outdoor storage as these can be literally crawling with scorpions.
3. Seal your home. You can do these by installing weather strips around entrances and windows that have gaps for the scorpions to squeeze through. Caulking spots is recommended around pipes and roof eaves. Make sure screens fit snugly in the window frames.
4. Switch to yellow bulbs. These bulbs do not attract bugs as much as white bulbs. So, switching your outdoor bulbs from white to yellow is a smart strategy. 
5. Don’t leave shoes, wet rags and towels outdoor near a pool or spa. These make a cozy “bed” for them and are, therefore, magnets to scorpions. Before picking them up, make sure to use tongs or wear gloves.  
Remember it is your home, not theirs. Do not give these scorpions the upper hand when it comes to ruling your home. You have EcoZapp, a professional pest control service provider, right there in College Station TX to help you reclaim your home and keep these scorpions out of your home for good. 
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