5 Tips for Eliminating Roaches

Cockroaches are the world’s most widespread and hated pests that can literally live and share your food and everything else in your home. They are abominable because they can crawl over and contaminate your food as well as spread diseases. Roach dust made up of minute roach parts and dust can trigger and exacerbate health problems such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma or allergies. The worst thing about roaches is the fact that even tons of bug spray can’t totally eradicate them. You need to try a little harder by making your home the last place they would want to take over; here are 5 tips for you:
1. Leave them to starve. You need to cut off their food supply. Your garbage is a ‘sweet treat’ for them. Dispose your organic waste promptly and properly. Clean the kitchen so that it doesn’t smell food at all. Watch out where you eat; it is best if your family will restrict eating in one place to make cleaning efficient and thorough. Do not let them find drippings and morsels of food at night.
2. Keep them parched/thirsty. You can’t help but use water, yet there are ways to lower humidity and keep usually wet areas dry. You can keep these areas dry around the house by fixing leaking faucets and pipes. Wipe dry sinks, tubs and areas around these areas, and drain water dishes for pets at night. 
3. Leave them with no home/room to hide. Inspect your home and seal all those crevices, which they will enjoy to inhabit. Get your caulking gun ready and get to work. Cleaning your home interiors and exteriors regularly will most likely disturb their nesting spaces. If they take your “notice” seriously, they might just take flight to another dirtier home. 
4. Keep your home sweet-smelling with essential oils. There are several kinds of essential oils that can affront roaches’ sense of smell – peppermint, citrus hystrix and cypress essential oils are just a few.
5. Guard your home with a reliable pest control service. If you want roaches exterminated from your home, EcoZapp in College Station TX can professionally do that for you. With the help of EcoZapp, it will be easier to maintain a roach-free home.
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