7 Tips to Stop the Gopher Invasion

It is understandable why you hate these rodents; gophers can decimate your garden in no time at all. They are voracious eaters and are anatomically equipped to invade and overrun even huge farms or golf courses. Once their presence is detected, it is important to act fast to prevent rapid deterioration of your crops and land. 
These pests cannot be underestimated. With teeth that continuously grow, they are naturally designed to gnaw constantly to keep them short. They have a body that is cut for digging and to live in a tunnel. They have large and powerful hindquarters and claws in the front paws for digging. Their cheeks function like pouches that they can use to build their nests and bring in their foods. Their short, fine fur doesn’t lump even when the soil is wet. They have highly sensitive whiskers that compensate for their less sensitive eyes and ears so as not to get in the way while in the burrow. Their lips can seal their mouths behind the gnawing incisors to keep off the dirt from getting inside. 
How do you beat gophers in their game of burrowing under your garden, farm or golf course then? It is really tempting to just blast them away using propane-oxygen mixture or poisons, but there are other easier techniques you can do; here are 7 suggestions
1. Flood their burrows. Make a hole to a gopher mound and stick a garden hose to deliver water into it until it’s flooded. If the tunnel is quite old and extensive, you can have a muddy front yard for quite a time.
2. Plant ‘Gopher Spurge’ or Euphorbia lathyris. This is the gopher’s nemesis. This is something gophers and moles hate. Plant these in those areas that are vulnerable to infestation. 
3. Blast them with noise. With their small ears, they can’t handle too much noise. Surround your garden with sound-producing things such wind chimes to get them packing and moving to another location.
4. Bombard them with stinky odors. They are also irritated with foul-smelling scents such as fish gut and pet waste. Place these inside the tunnel to drive them away. 
5. Tempt them with soft candies or chewing gum. These kids’ favorites are their ‘poisons.’ Gophers are likely to die when they consume these sweet sticky things. Your problem is how to make them eat the candies after dropping them into the tunnel. 
6. Use repellents designed for gophers. There are several types you can buy commercially and some you can make using some ingredients at home. One effective repellent is castor oil granules.
7. Set gopher traps. There are gopher traps you can buy or you can build yourself. The design must suit your needs and gopher activity in your grounds. 
When these gentle methods don’t get them scampering away from your grounds. It is time to be a bit harsher. You can blast them with poisons and fumigations or, if you are living near College Station TX, get EcoZapp to finish off these pests for you. After you have controlled the gophers, prevent re-infestation. Ask EcoZapp professionals how.
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