5 Ways to Avoid Snakes In College Station Texas

5 Pointers in Removing Snakes Properly In College Station

When you hear the word “snake”, fear and anxiety usually take over for most people. About 120 different species of snakes exist in North America. It is only natural for people to have encounters with some of them. Unfortunately, 17 of these species are venomous and they present a grave threat to every household.

In removing snakes, such as a copperhead snake, remember that you should not attempt to catch or handle them, especially if you cannot identify them properly. The unidentified snake may be venomous. You should not provoke any snake, even if you just want them to come out of hiding. If you are accidentally bitten by a snake, it is vital that you immediately seek proper medical attention.

Pointers in Snake Removal

Below are some important points to remember in snake removal:

  1. Just leave that snake alone. Venomous or not, the snake may just be using your yard as a shortcut. It isn’t safe for you to handle any snake, especially if you cannot identify it as venomous or non-venomous.
  2. Seek the experts. If you are anxious about the snake in your yard, hire a professional to identify and remove the snake from your property.
  3. Use an effective snake trap. Make sure that you purchase an effective snake trap that has the best quality.
  4. Fix your space. Snakes are attracted by thick vegetation, cool spaces, and shady crevices. If your property has these, make sure that you eliminate them to keep snakes away. You can ask professionals to eliminate debris and any unnecessary structures in your yard. You can also make use of glue boards or funnel traps around your yard. Also seal any gaps that you have under your decks and doors.
  5. Practice snake prevention. Take note that snake repellents do not work. The best way to get rid of snakes is to prevent them from getting what they need from your property. One best way to do this is to eliminate your rat problem, so that you can cut down their food supply. Another way is to build a perimeter fence around your property.

Physical removal of any snake is the best way to get rid of them. This method needs the help of College Station TX pest control professional EcoZapp. It is always best to leave the management of wildlife to those who are well-trained and experienced.

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