Warm Weather in College Station Brings Forth Snake Season

Texas is known to be one of the primary breeding spots for many snake populations. Snake season in College Station is declared when warm temperatures and spring rainfall kick in. You have to be aware of the snake season because your household’s safety is at stake.  Experts say that during the warm weather season, snakes venture out of their cold dwellings. This presents a threat to pets and people. Because of snake season, experts at Texas A&M are already expecting an escalated number of snakebites. Immediate medical attention has to be provided to people or pets, bitten by venomous snakes. You have to supervise children and pets in your home. If they have been bitten, bring them to the nearest medical facility in your area. This way, an immediate snakebite treatment can be provided to them.

Snakes explore the world outside their comfortable dens during the warm season. Rattlesnakes, coral snakes, and cottonmouths become more active. One reason behind this is the snakes’ need to change their skin. Curious pets usually end up being bitten. Dogs get bitten on the nose. Cats are attacked on their paws. When this happens, kidney failure from the venom can result in just 12 – 24 hours. Remember that smaller snakes have more potent venom than the larger ones.

It’s important to be familiar with venomous species of snakes, especially if you live in College Station, Texas. Make sure that you have the basic information on the three biggest venomous snake species in this state—rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, and coral snakes. Learn to identify their markings, head shape, eye shape, and coloration. Snakes that have triangular heads, slitted eyes, and brightly colored markings are venomous. If you are fond of walking or running, just stay on the trail. It is advisable not to venture off the trail because of the increased risk of getting snake bites.

Any breed of snake you see living outside a cage is wild. Even if they seem docile, they can strike in a split-second. Some snakes may just be basking in the sun, coiled up in some pile of leaves. Stay away from them and be careful not to step on them. If you see one it is always best to leave any snake alone. Make sure you keep your eyes open this snake season!

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