Get Those Mice Out of Your Home

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse may have entertained billions of people around the planet through the decades, but the mice in your cupboard and attic are no Mickey and Minnie. They are pesky and they will gnaw on wires, make holes in your walls, foray into the pantry and spread germs; and for that they deserve to be eradicated. No home in any spot in the world is totally resistant to these rodents, even College Station TX
Know Thy Enemy 
These brown or gray rodents have large ears and small eyes. They are prolific with females having five to ten litters a year of five to six young each. Young mice are born in about three weeks after mating, and they become mature in just six to ten weeks. Their life span is also brief; it ranges from anywhere between nine months to a year.
Of course they like cereal grains and cheese, but these are not the only foods you need to closely watch. They have acute senses and they can track any food wherever you keep them. They are excellent jumpers, first-rate climbers, sprightly runners, and can balance on a cable like trained trapeze artists. You have to outwit them to keep them permanently off your edibles.
Recognize Telltale Signs of Infestations
How would you know that mice have invaded your home? Check your wires and cables that are not openly exposed; are there gnawing and bite signs to them? Can you smell musky odor in your pantry and cupboards? Are there droppings in these areas? 
If you answer “YES” to most of these questions, there is no doubt that this pest abound in your home. You can start hunting those nests of tattered paper and other fibrous materials in less conspicuous locations. Once you confirmed their presence; it is time to take action.
Action to Take
Mice infestation can cause all kinds of problems once they have successfully gained entry into the warmth of your cozy home. You need to prevent that from happening so you must anchor your defenses and offenses on three strategies:  
• First, make your home unfriendly, even hostile to them. Cleaning you home may not prevent them from invading your place, but poor sanitation can attract them and let them thrive and reproduce fast. Good sanitation is an excellent complement to other rodent-exterminating techniques and efforts.
• Second, put up “barricades” and never let them in inside your home. “Build them out.” Use containers that they cannot gnaw. Seal openings in the cupboards and pantry where they can wiggle through. Seal and plug openings around your home – windows, doors, screens, vents and pipes. 
• Third, you need to put down every mouse populating your home. Use every possible means of eradication such as traps, baits, electronic and sound devices, and pets (cats and dogs). Better yet, call in the experts who are equipped with proven techniques, know-how and gadgets.
Outwitting these smart and “multitalented” mice is not a walk in the park. It will be extremely hard doing it on your own. The best strategy is to call in the professional pest control experts in the neighborhood. If you are living close to Bryan/College Station TX, contact EcoZapp, the pest control company that works harder and smarter than the rest; they’re exactly what you need.
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