Are silverfish bugs destructive?

Silverfish are tiny grayish or bluish silver insects that usually do not get a lot of notice – except from people who know what they are capable of. Known in the scientific world as Lepisma saccharina, these insects grow in adulthood to a length of 20mm or so.  They are wingless, and although they are small, they can live for eight years.
They can be found in Africa, America, Europe, and Australia. This insect likes to inhabit humid places, and makes its home in basements, bathtubs, showers, sinks, and attics. They also like to stay inside kitchen closets and clothes drawers; storage boxes, basements, and garages are havens. 
What They Damage and Consume 
They are nocturnal feeders, and they prefer starches and sugars for their diet. This insect will devour anything that has polysaccharides found in starches, dextrin and adhesives used for book bindings and carpets.  Certain polysaccharides are also used in clothing, fabric, photos, sugar, coffee, and plaster. This means suits that hang unused in closets, curtains and tapestries are a common target of this insect as well as papers, books, and documents. When the food they prefer is not available, this insect will attack leather, synthetic fabrics, and the skeleton of other dead insects. They are so tough they can survive even when there little or no food; they can actually live for a year or even longer without feeding.
Signs that the Pest is Present
The presence of small, pepper-like spots in the damp areas of your home, and the discarded silvery skin of the silverfish will tell you that this insect has taken up residence in your home. Other telltale signs are yellowish stains and groups of tiny holes in boxes, cardboard, fabric, and paper. Unlike ants, you won’t find large populations of silverfish in one place. However, make no mistake about it, you will find quite a few around your house once the signs are there.
Controlling the Pest
The silverfish can be a formidable pest given its ability to survive without eating for long, and its ability to live for years. For instant relief, there are some simple remedies to subdue this pest’s population. You can try the following tactics to bring down some of these unwelcome guests:
• Inspect all the damp areas they might occupy and try to control the humidity by opening vents and sealing off wall cracks that let the damp air.
• Make a homemade trap and set the trap out at night for the nocturnal feeders. 
• You can repel this pest by sprinkling their habitat with cinnamon.
• Scatter diatomaceous earth in dark areas where they are most likely to nest. 
• You may also want to try cedar shavings, boric acid, spice sachets, and lemon spray to get rid of the problem.
A More Permanent Solution 
Most home remedies do work to bring down pest population to tolerable or near tolerable levels. However, if you have a sizeable number of silverfish lurking in the corners of your attic or basement, the population is bound to grow in very little time. 
A foolproof and thorough way of getting rid of this pest permanently is to hire the services of professionals. If you are in College Station TX, don’t wait for the silverfish to destroy valuable clothing, books and documents. Call on your pest control expert to locate all the areas where the pest is hiding, and use the safest but most effective extermination method to make sure you never have to be bothered by this pest again.
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