What’s with the ant piles after it rains?

Mounds of Ants After Raining

It is an alarming situation for most homeowners when they discover that their homes are also homes to fire ants. The species of fire ants is about 1/8 inch or ¼ inch in length. After raining, they swarm aggressively out of their mounds. This is because the rain disturbed them. Once they are out of their mounds, they attack whatever that’s in their path. The bite of a fire ant results in painful pustules. College Station is an area in Texas, where fire ants are usually found.

A mound of fire ants is never a pleasant thing to see in an area near human habitation.. These mounds mean that the fire ants are reproducing at a massive rate. There are eggs, larvae, pupae, and adult brood in that mound. It is very risky for you to destroy that mound on your own. Fire ants are considered pests, so you should contact professionals to eliminate them.

What You Need to Know About Fire Ants

A fire ant infestation can be spotted by the presence of swarmer and worker ants. Their mounds are also very obvious signs that fire ants are thriving in your area. These signs are very visible after a heavy rainfall, mainly because the rain disturbs them. Usually, many people complain about being stung after it rains heavily.

Fire ants usually thrive in southern states where the climate is warm and sunny. They also favor dry fields and dislike shady areas such as forests. Each of their mounds has at least one queen. They can have mounds that are 18 centimeters in height and 61 centimeters in diameter. Several thousands of fire ants can reside in a single mound.

When fire ants attack, they make use of their powerful mandibles and stingers. Their mandibles grip their target and their stingers inject the venom. The venom that the fire ants have is very painful to humans. Some have even died because of fire ant bites. When there is a severe allergic reaction, expect the victim of a fire ant bite to experience excessive itching, sweating, and nausea. This reaction requires immediate medical attention. You will see white pustules and red bumps on your skin after a fire ant has bitten you. The bite usually scars over time. A single bite leaves an intense burning sensation on your skin.

Professional Intervention

It is known that fire ant colonies have 100,000 – 500,000 ants. They also attack their target in huge numbers, so expect more than one bite. This is more than enough reason for you to contact your ant control professional in College Station when you are invaded by fire ants. Your local pest control company can conduct inspections to gauge how they can manage the fire ants in your premises.

While you wait for your pest control professionals to eliminate the fire ant problem, the best practices you can do are:

  • Remain cautious. See to it that you are aware of where you sit or stand in and around your home.
  • Be aware of where you put your things. Observe the places where you set down your food, drinks, or valuable items.
  • Always watch out for ant activity. Always keep an eye on ants wherever you are in your home. This will help you determine where the concentration of fire ants is in your house.

Don’t waste any time. Don’t let an ant species ruin your life.  Contact your local pest control professionals to eliminate the fire ants in your College Station living or working environment.

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