Tick tips in College Station

Removing Ticks from Your Life

Ticks are never welcome. They are known as ectoparasites that attach themselves to the host’s skin to suck blood and nutrients. These parasites are related to mites and spiders. They are usually found in areas with an abundant source of water and thriving grass. Ticks have different species that infest animals and humans. They are unnoticed because they are very small. They are also capable of biting without hurting the host.

As a responsible person, you should make sure that your living or working space is tick-free. Tick infestation is a health hazard because they are vectors of diseases such as Colorado tick fever, babesiosis, Lyme disease, and Q fever. Humans can be affected by these diseases if they frequent woody areas near bodies of water. You should spray yourself with bug repellents if you need to pass by a woody and grassy area.

Every tick needs a specific host. There are ticks that attach themselves to reptiles, mammals, and humans to get their blood for sustenance. You cannot really see a tick, until it reaches its mature or engorged size.

Residents in urban areas are concerned about dog ticks and human ticks. If there are no human tick infestations in an area, dog ticks are the issue. Dog ticks are larger than deer ticks. They can grow up to half an inch long. If a tick is left alone and not pulled from its host, it can grow to the size of a marble. Dog ticks transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever. This is a bacterial infection, manifested by nausea, rashes, and fever. It can even lead to death if not treated.

Humans who spend a lot of time outdoors—particularly in woody areas and grassy areas—have a greater risk of bringing ticks back home. If you have a close pet that’s infested with ticks, you can also be vulnerable to tick bites. If you have kids, check them thoroughly if they played in a grassy or woody area.

The Good in Prevention

The best way to get rid of ticks is to prevent them from latching on to your skin or to your pets. Here are some preventive measures you can easily follow:

  • Use a flea collar or a tick spray on your pet when you go out.
  • Stay away from piles of dead leaves, tall grasses, and low branches. Also, avoid sitting on the ground without any thing between you and the ground.
  • Make sure you wear a hat, long sleeves, and pants that are light-colored. Do this if you know you will go through a tick-infested area. Tuck the edges of your pants inside your socks, to prevent ticks from crawling on your skin.
  • Check yourself after your hike or walk. Be sure to assess your groin, ears, hair, skin, and underarms. 

Homeowners in College Station TX who have pets, may have tick infested pets. If this is the case, it is necessary to get rid of the ticks within the premises immediately. Severe tick infestation in the home can easily be seen on the walls of the house itself. Ticks congregate in certain areas of the house until they find the perfect host to latch on. Contact EcoZapp Pest Control to get rid of your tick infestation.


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