Butterflies: the beautiful bug

How Real Butterflies are Distinguished

Lately, various insect populations are being slowly depleted. The main reason for this is the heightened development. Modern butterflies are becoming rare insects to find, even in meadows or farmlands. As property owners, you should be able to identify different species of butterflies, so that you can appreciate them and avoid destroying them or their habitat.

A butterfly is different from a moth. You have to know the species of butterflies in your area to avoid killing them if they happen to wander into your home. Below are some of the common butterflies in College Station. Get to know them and know their significant traits.

Papilio cresphontes cramer or the giant swallowtail has an exotic appearance. It is a species that is abundant in the state of Florida. The adult giant swallowtail always visits landscape arrangements and gardens. The caterpillar or the larva of the swallowtail is categorized as a pest because of its voracious eating habits when it comes to citrus trees. The larvae are called orange dogs. They can easily defoliate young or small plants.

Nymphalis antiopa is commonly known as the mourning cloak. Each wing has irregular borders and has short projections. The upper wings are wide, with a row of blue spots at the inner edge and a yellow border on the outer portions. Their mating season is during the springtime. Their flight schedule is during June or July.

Papilio glaucas is also known as the tiger swallowtail butterfly. It is a strong flying butterfly species that has black and yellow marks on its body and wings. Some females of the species mimic the pipevine swallowtail , which is a very poisonous species. Southern tigers are larger than the northern tigers. They have tails that resemble the tails of swallows.

Papilio troilus is the scientific name of the common spicebush butterfly. It is a large and dark swallowtail butterfly species. This butterfly is found in the eastern half the US. It is not that common in the Mississippi River area.

Eurytides Marcellus or the zebra swallowtail butterfly has white and black markings and an elongated tail found on its hind wings. There are also markings here that are blue and red. The hind wing markings are strongly scalloped as well. When zebras hatch, they eat their own eggshells. When adult zebras sip nectar from the flowers, they are able to collect pollen. They absorb the amino acids in the pollen. The proteins they get help them mate, survive, lay eggs for up to 6 months.

Leminitis arthemis is the common red-spotted purple butterfly. The upper side of its wings is colored blue to blue-green. It has the same iridescence as the outer part of its hind wing. Its large forewing has two red or red orange spots near the base of the leading wing edge.

Keep your eyes peeled and learn to distinguish the beautiful butterflies in College Station. If what you have on your property are moths, it is about time you call EcoZapp, the College Station pest control professionals, to get rid of them.



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