Welcome Back to School! Prevent Bed Bugs in Your Dorm

Bed bugs are great hitchhikers. They can easily cling to clothes and luggage, and travel with you from a hotel-infested room to your home or dorm. Yes, dorms are a hotspot for bed bugs since traveling college students are mostly unaware that they can be means of infestation. They are also less likely to adopt control measures when travelling or when they got back from travel. Pest control professionals around College Station, TX would attest to encountering heavy infestations in university or college dorms in recent years because of the increasing trend of travel and stays in hotels. 

You wouldn’t want bed bugs to pester you. There are ways to make sure that hitchhiking bed bugs will not be able to get to your dorm bed. 

 Inspect your clothes and suitcases/traveling bags. Make the inspection methodical each time you stay in a hotel and repack your stuff to go back to the dorm after summer, term and Christmas breaks. 

 Seal potentially infested stuff. Did you get bites while staying in the hotel? These prove that the hotel is infested. You do not want to transport them to where you are going. Make sure to separate those items that are possibly infested such as clothes, linens, and shoes by putting them in sealed plastic bags. 

 Treat clothes and shoes. Take out the stuff suspected to be bed bug-infested and wash the clothes and linens in hot water. Since you can’t use hot water on your shoes, use a vacuum or steamer before spraying them with a bug killer. 

• Conduct regular inspections of your bed and bedding. It is necessary to look for telltale signs of bed bugs before putting your sheets on your dorm bed. Check the seams of the mattress as well as the nooks and crannies of your bed, headboard, bedside table, sofa, and chair. If you notice any signs, report the matter to the dorm authority. 

• Use a bed bug proof mattress cover. A bed bug proof case for the mattress is an “essential” that college students planning to stay in a dorm must bring with them. Use it to make sure that bed bugs can’t get in or out of it. Since the mattress is old anyway, the cover can also serve to encase it and make it “feel” cleaner.

 Treat your bed. It is not easy to get your mattress heated higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It is more practical to keep a bed bug killer or repellent handy. The spray can be used to kill bed bugs and to keep the bed and mattress bed bug free through spraying regularly.

• Keep your room clean. The pests will have no hiding places if you remove clutter. Make it a habit to vacuum and clean your room painstakingly especially the tight corners and spaces. Wipe clean non-porous surfaces with hot water and alcohol.

 Get professional service. If bedbug infestation has already set in, the best way to eradicate the pest is by calling in the experts. They would know the best techniques and products to use. 

Once the pests have been eradicated, it is important to stay conscious of the various ways to prevent another infestation. Stick to the suggested practical tips and you’ll have wonderful days on the campus and nights in your dorm.

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