Light up Your Halloween in Purple and Orange

It’s that time of the year again when the prevailing mood is to scare the wits out of everyone. Halloween is a much-loved holiday in College Station TX because it’s a day when you can go all out in setting up decorations to revel in the morbid. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use any inspiration in adding a glamorous sparkle to your amazing Halloween decorations. What could be more glitzy than creating a spooky atmosphere that glows in mysterious purple and orange beams of light?

Purple and orange are classic Halloween colors. To set the tone of your scary statement, here are some bright ideas to give your home that Halloween shine.

 Charm or alarm with Jack-o’-Lanterns. Bring out your collection of vintage Jack-o’-Lanterns that retained their bright orange hue despite the years. Arrange them on a deep purple mantle to create a sensational macabre scene. For a more interesting dimension, place a few lanterns on black candleholders to achieve a floating illusion.

 Set a spooky dinner table. Whether you’re hosting a big party or enjoying a family get-together on Halloween, it’s still possible to entertain in style. Lay a black and white runner on top of a black tablecloth to set the stage for an elegant table arrangement. Position eye-catching tableware like silver goblets, black and white plates, taper candles, and a black cauldron filled with dry ice with eerie haze. Illuminate the entire scene with purple and orange miniature lights twisted around dried twigs. Never has darkness been so friendly and fun as it casts mysterious shadows all over the dining area. 

 Liven up the pathway. If you’re bringing the party outdoors, a creepy yet cheerful glow serves as the perfect backdrop for a grand entrance. Intertwine strings of purple and orange luminaries alternately with bats and black widow spiders for a total haunted house effect. Even if you intend to scare, this fabulous décor spells a big welcoming statement for both guests and trick-or-treaters.

• Jazz up the yard. When decorating the yard for Halloween, add more glitz and scary fun by hanging purple or orange icicle lights on black wire on the roof edges and fence railings. If you want to have a creepy glow, line up orange pumpkin lights with sparkling interiors that flash bright colors from yellow to green. 

 Carve an Origami bat cave. Select a nice tree or bushy spot in the yard to fashion a bat cave made of black construction paper. Cut out a flock of bats from the same material then add glow-in-the-dark glitter in the artwork. Use black nylon thread to hang the origami bats from tree branches and inside the cave. Light up orange bat lights against a backdrop of purple LED lights to create an incredibly spooky effect.

Decorating for Halloween is fun, whether you want to entertain or scare people. There’s nothing creepier than to light up the space with purple and orange glowing lights. Make sure to choose the right type of lights to illuminate the paths of your costumed guests. It’s even best to hire a professional lighting installer to hang the lights for you. After all, no one wants to limp around on real crutches! 


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