Christmas Light Safety Tips to Light up Your Home

One of the festive holiday attractions that never fails to delight people of all ages are Christmas lights. The holiday season isn’t complete without the dazzling twinkle that these tiny lights give. For many people, hanging these little lights is a traditional exercise that stirs up fun and tradition. The annual rite, however, can lead to injuries and damages, definitely dousing the festive mood of the season.

Make sure your holiday wish doesn’t include a trip to the emergency room. Give yourself, your family, and home the precious gift of safety this season by implementing these sound tips for installing Christmas lights.

• Use only lights designated for outdoor use outside your home. Don’t install lights meant for indoor use because they are not designed to withstand harsher outdoor elements. Always take time to read and follow product instructions. 

• Check old lights for damage. If you’re using last year’s lights, stretch out the entire string to look at the bulbs, wires and plugs to see if there is any damage. If you have doubts, have the lights checked out by a licensed electrician or don’t use the lights at all.

• When buying new lights, always check to see if they have been tested and approved by credible testing agencies. Look for logos on the packaging that indicate the lights have passed safe tests conducted by reputable laboratories such as the UL and ETL.

• Look for strings of lights with built-in fuses. These fuses serve to protect the lights from overheating and make replacement of busted bulbs easier. Be sure to use the same wattage when replacing defective light bulbs. Do not attempt to alter or modify the product for any other lighting purposes.

• Use insulated wires to fasten them on trees, roofs, gutters, or fences. These materials are safe to use when stringing the lights for outdoor use. Instead of tacks, nails and screws, run the strings through hooks to hang them overhead.

• Plug outdoor lights into a GFCI-protected outlet. Connect no more than three standard-sized sets to outdoor-rated extension cords to prevent overheating and fire.

• Know when to turn off the lights. Don’t leave the lights on for too long. This is not only economical; it is also safer, especially when you’re leaving the house or going to bed.

• Remove the bulbs by carefully unscrewing or detaching them. Avoid pulling on the wires to prevent damaging the bulbs and wires.

• Store the lights in a sealed container and place them in a dry place where they can’t be damaged by water, insects and other pests until the next use.

What is Christmas without a festive home? Christmas lights are among the most popular decors used during the season. It gives your home and Christmas tree just the right feel. Know, however, that fires and accidents can happen if they are not properly installed. Why risk your life or limbs when you can contract out the services of a professional company to do the job. EcoZapp installs Christmas lights in College Station TX and is a double treat to enjoy a safe holiday while your home becomes a spectacular lighting display during the season. 


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