Savvy Tips When Installing Christmas Lights

“Tis the season to be jolly” and to get excited about decorating the house and lawn to make it look festive for the holidays. Although it’s the time for tradition, it doesn’t mean you can’t stray outside the box of the usual illuminated Santa Claus and snowmen, or multi-colored reindeers twinkling in the front yard. Christmas is, in fact, a perfect time to show your wild side, but with it expect a staggering energy bill! 
If you want to put up awesome lights display, ranging from crazy Christmas lights to “themed” holiday decorations, use these tips to help you save on cost, stay safe and for best results. Dazzle your neighbors with unique Christmas lights installation while you prevent the bill from swelling with these tips.
Use LED lights. LED lights are a huge trend because they produce more light than regular Christmas lights, but consume only a sliver of energy than incandescent bulbs. 
Save with solar-powered lights. Lights that generate power from the sun are both trendy and economical. It’s a hip way to decorate without having to worry about huge energy cost even if you install many of these around the perimeter of your home.
Shop for lights after the holidays for next year’s use. Most stores slash prices up to 50 percent including Christmas lights and decorations by the end of the season. Buying around this time is not too early as the season is an event you look forward to each year. 
Buy Christmas lights from discount stores. Get quirky ideas on Christmas lights installation that can make your neighbors jealous. With cheap lights bought at half the price from budget stores, you can install more lights to make your home brighter.
Stay within your budget. Determine how much you want to spend on Christmas lights before shopping. The amount you set aside prevents you from spending more than the allotted budget.
Know the best lights for your purpose. Not all Christmas lights are manufactured equal. Some are designed for outdoors while others are rated for indoor purposes. Popular Christmas lights for the roof and gutters are icicle lights and C7/C9 bulbs that can be purchased in strings or separately. 
Examine your home’s architectural design to help you decide what to put up. Determine the right Christmas lights display for your home. The type of lights and decorations must complement your house to successfully bring out its elegance. Hanging too many or too few can inadvertently produce the opposite effect. 
Choose fun colors. LED lights come in a wide range of colors either singly or in combination with others to create eye-catching holiday lighting displays. An easy idea to start with is to pick your favorite color. Dressing up a tree in pink LED lights does not only make it cheerful, it also screams a fancy statement.
Reuse or repurpose the lights.  Instead of buying new sets, repairing broken lights is much cheaper. Make sure, however, to test lights before using them. Having a bulb tester to check last year’s strings of lights is sensible.
Stick to safe intallation methods. Prevent accidents. It is always best to wait for a dry day to install Christmas lights especially when planning to use a ladder to reach high spots. Wear shoes with good tread to avoid slipping. Keep the tools handy in a tool belt that can also be useful in organizing small items. 
Harmonize your lighting display. Use a theme to light up your home. Instead of stringing lights here and there, create a look based on an inspiration. A combination of red, white, and blue lights are needed to add a patriotic flair, while a  lighted cowboy boot can give a “Wild, Wild West” theme to your home. A well-conceived theme can be easily achieved with bulbs and stringers.
Enhance with colors. Dress up an otherwise boring fir with a splash of color like bright blue or deep red. Deck the tree with tinsel Christmas lights for a bit of wintry effect, or hang lights in university team colors to complete your sports theme. For the roof, decorating ideas include placing bulbs in single or double sockets to create amazing patterns. 
Use the right amount of lights. Determining the “right” amount of lights to be used can be a bit tricky. Knowing the size of the area to be lighted and the type of bulb to be used can certainly guide you in the right direction when giving your home that special holiday glow. The right amount of light will make the area neither too bright nor too dim.
Opt for bigger bulbs. Smaller lights may be more trendy and whimsical, but you’ll need more strings to achieve the best effect. Bigger bulbs are more lasting and can be seen even from a distance.
Set the lights on timer. The lights don’t need to shine brightly throughout the night so put a timer to dim the lights when all the neighbors are already in bed. This can save you much money so don’t scrimp on a timer.
Strive to be different. Set your home apart from the rest by not resting when the neighbors stop decorating their homes. Make your home stand out for Santa to easily spot it. If you have a chimney, line it with glowing sticks to direct the old man to your landing strip. Santa and the neighbors will all be mesmerized with the alluring crazy Christmas lights you used to put up the show.
A home that illuminates is truly a shimmering sight to behold espcially with crazy Christmas lights. It brings joy and cheers not only to you and your family, but to the entire community as well. Making your home extra bright with more lights, however, requires more time, money and effort. While these tips can help you save on energy costs, there is no other way to feel safer than to entrust the more complex job to professional light installers. Hiring a company that is also known for its pest control services becomes the ultimate step to go over the top with your holiday Christmas lights display and make your house a glittering stopover in College Station TX. 
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