EcoZapp Pest and Termite offers a variety of Services to the Bryan / College Station area.  We really do believe in giving 100%, this helps give you the customer complete confidence that hiring us was the right decision.


EcoZapp provides some of the best, most reliable service to the residents of Bryan/ College Station and a few surrounding areas. We focus on you the customers and that is where we are able to excel and give you the service you will love. We dislike giving bad service more than you dislike paying for bad service.

Our treatment plans and pest control in Bryan, TX differs from the old school businesses. Nothing bad about the way things used to be done, but its 2014 and customers want better service, better results, which happen to be not so harsh on the environment.

Most houses are a little different with different needs. However the situation, we perform a complete treatment each and every time. We even sweep yours eves when needed during visits. Sweeping eves helps with spiders along with the appearance of your house. It’s an extra step we take to ensure we do give you the best service and help prevent unwanted spiders from entering your house.

When a new customer signs up with us, especially if it is a new house or house which hasn’t been treated properly or by our standards, we perform a bit more intensive and preventative treatment. This usually involves, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Dusting weep holes- weep holes in-between the brick are an excellent place for critters to enter your house.
  2. Fill weep holes with copper mesh- this keeps the scorpions, mice and bigger bugs out. The dust keeps insects like ants from passing though.
  3. Dust any small opening we can find- again an opening is a bad opening.
  4. Treat attic/ crawl space- usually involving dust as well
  5. Sweep eves of house- to knock down spiders and wasp nests.
  6. Treat foundation and yard- power spray and/or granules. Involves ant bait when needed.
  7. Treat around windows and doors- we hand spray around all openings
  8. Treat inside- baseboards, under sinks, and any areas where needed
  9. And anything else needed.

We set our own standards for pest control in Bryan/ College Station, Texas. We only hire the best and require great job performance. If we need to come revisit for any reason in-between services we are just a phone call away, and we’ll happily come back out at no charge, even if it’s just an ant mound after a rain. So, rather it’s a random scorpion, wasp nest, Christmas light bulb out, or an ant mound we strive to give 100% Satisfaction and we’ll prove it every time.


We service many different types of commercial businesses in the Bryan College Station Area. From your favorite Yogurt shops to the best hotels to stay, EcoZapp has it covered.  We know how hard you work for your business; let us help you take one less worry off your shoulders.

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  • “Josh, owner of EcoZapp Pest and Termite, has serviced and has installed Christmas lights for both my home and business for over year now. The service has been absolutely hassle free. He does a great job and is very reliable. I have not experienced any scorpions or termites inside my home or have had any ant mounds in my yards in the past year. As a busy business owner, I trust Ecozapp to continue doing a great job each and every time to keep my home and business protected and looking great.”

    Jesse Montelongo Jr.

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